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"There is a way for a shy man to authentically attract the girlfriend of his dreams "

Have you ever known a not-so-good-looking guy, who women seem to be naturally drawn to?

What does he know, that you don't?

...I'd like to show you

Join me on Wednesday, December 7th @ 6pm MT for this live webinar

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In this live webinar, I'll reveal my 4-step system designed  to help shy or timid men genuinely attract an extraordinary woman.

You'll also learn:

  • How to draw out your inner-confidence so you can genuinely approach a new woman...even if you're normally shy or hesitant
  • The most relaxed way to set up a first date (also great for 2nd + 3rd dates and beyond)
  • 3 sexy habits that get extraordinary women to pay attention to otherwise shy men
  • 4 simple steps to create your soul-mate map  (*this can help you get that sense that 'she's-the-one'...that so many of our grandpa's talked about)


Yes, Chad I want to join you on  Wednesday, December 7th @ 6pm MT to learn to authentically attract the girlfriend of my dreams:

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...I can't wait to see you there!


Chad Wotherspoon is a Dating Interventionist for shy men. He's here to help good, shy men who are stuck hiding or playing small when it comes to meeting women - he helps them attract the girlfriend of their dreams.

He's been laughed at, then instantly 'peaced' after falling-fast and professing his love for a remarkable woman

He's failed hard using pick up techniques that didn't work...then he felt ashamed

He's discovered another, more real and authentic way.

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