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"How to Naturally Attract the Right Woman for You    ...Even If You're Shy"


Chad Wotherspoon Integral Dating Interventionist for Men

Chad Wotherspoon

Integral Dating Interventionist for Men


Does it feel impossible for you to attract the type of woman you'd like to date?

Do you ever worry  you'll spend your life alone because something is holding you back with women?

When you're a good, shy man who is able to achieve success in other areas of life but stuck with how to attract and keep a woman - it can be a huge source of pain.

Do you ever find yourself asking  "what is wrong with me?"...or feeling anxiety for missing out on such an important area of life?

In this teleclass, Chad Wotherspoon will share his top secrets that shy men can use to naturally attract and date the right woman - the same ones he shares with his private coaching clients.

You'll walk away from this call with a step-by-step system that can guide you to go from being clueless about how to attract women, to confidently and naturally approaching, attracting and dating the woman of your dreams - without using pick-up tactics!


Here’s what you’ll learn during this teleclass:

  • How to naturally approach and intrigue women during everyday tasks like grocery shopping
  • How to talk to women in a way that leaves her wanting your number 
  • The most laid-back way to win her over on a first date
  • The 3 Sexy Virtues incredible women desire in a man
  • How to ensure you won’t settle for a mediocre relationship…this can save you years of wasted time being stuck with the wrong women
  • 3 easy steps to create what I call your soul mate map and start attracting the right women


Whether you've been single for years or recently dumped, you will get at least 3 helpful insights and 3 powerful action steps you to immediately help you tap into your natural confidence so you can start approaching and attracting amazing women.


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*Chad Wotherspoon is an Integral Dating Interventionist for men. He is on a mission to help good, shy men attract and keep the woman of their dreams...because sharing life's awesome moments with someone amazing is just way more fun.